Beasts and Butchers: Book 1, Episode 1 will launch on on 15 August 2021 at 5 PM UTC / 6 PM GMT.

If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you’ll know comics have been something we’ve been working on in the background, before we released our first series, The Horrors, back in January.

Well, they’re here. And we’re very excited to share what we’ve created with you.

We will soon be giving away an incredible amount of reward NFTs — 268 unique cards in fact — which is bigger than most collections in the space!

Hopefully by now, you understand how we’re structuring rewards with The Horrors II, but if you’re still unsure, have a read of this.

Living Legends reward card

The Base / Uncommon snapshot will be taken on 24.07.21 at 10 AM UK / 9 AM UTC

Cards will be dstributed on 25.07.21

The Limited / Rare / Scarce snapshot will be taken on 25.07.21 at 12 PM UK / 11 AM UTC

Cards will be dstributed on…

First off, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in our Alien Worlds mining event throughout May and June. Even though our Butler — the bot who distributed our cards — didn’t always behave himself, 30,000 NFTs found their way into wallets and lots of fun was had by all!

We know how tough it is to collect our sets, trust us, we’ve been collecting since series 1. But we also know it’s worth it, because the level at which we reward our collectors is off the charts.

Here are just a few of the reward cards of our brand new 20 card subset to look forward to on series 2…

With collecting of The Horsemen in full flow, and people hurrying to finish sets, I thought it would be the ideal opportunity to talk a little more about The Horsemen.

Sets are built of 8 cards. 4 x A and 4 x B. Your A cards are War, Plague, Death and Conquest. And your B cards are The Steel King, Pestilence, The Reaper and The Angel. A sets have coloured borders (aside from classic and Black Glass) and B sets have white borders. For every A set you complete, you’ll be rewarded The Four Horsemen card. …

The iconic Creepo the Clown card

As more people find themselves drawn into the wicked web of The Horrors digital collectible card series, lured in by its awesome art and amazing community, it seems appropriate to offer some context for the series, and help those new to the project get up to speed.

The Horrors was the first release from Ultra Rare collectibles, an independent digital collectible and comic company based in the North of England. …

So what are The Horrors? They’re a digital card series developed for the wax blockchain.

And who am I? I’m John, the writer and director of the project. Writer and director, of a set of cards — what the hell are you talking about?! You don’t need a writer for that! Well, you kinda do. From the characters, to the names, to the variant names, and the variants, and the story… well you get the picture. It was all written. And directed, working with an incredibly talented young artist from the North of England.

But the real writing is in…

John | Ultra Rare

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