Are you ready for the Dexbots: World Cup?!

John | Ultra Rare
2 min readNov 14, 2022


We love football here at Ultra Rare HQ and we wanted to join in the celebration with an awesome party of our own.

This is why, hot on the heels of our recent Dexbot OG collection, we’ll be releasing the Dexbots World Cup collection, completely free.

That’s right. Completely free!

Dexbots World Cup will be dropping on Ethereum on the 17th November 2022 at 6 PM UTC

So what are Dexbots? Well, they’re dynamic NFTs that connect to an outside variable and change, dependent on that variable. Our first collection — Dexbots — connected to crypto currency prices and changed from green to red, depending on whether that currency was up or down.

Not only that, Dexbots connect to Twitter and update your profile picture in real time. How freaking awesome is that?!

So… Dexbots World Cup — as you may have guessed — connect to International football teams and change depending on the team’s scoreline. If the team gets a result, the bots are green and living their best life. And if the team loses, the bots are red and potentially getting eaten by Botberry cap-wearing bears!

A pair of Brazilliant Dexbots!

So how do you get your hands on these bad lads?

Well, in the first instance, if you own an OG Dexbot, you’ll be able to claim 2 World Cup Dexbots for free at

This is the only way to guarantee your World Cup Dexbot.

Be careful though, you only have 2 hours to do this: 6 PM UTC — 8 PM UTC

Afterwards, at 8 PM UTC, the mint will become public and anyone can grab a Dexbot completely free of charge. Please note, you will be able to mint 3 Dexbots per wallet.

There are only 2000 total supply, so move quickly!

These little guys are full to the brim with quirky, football related traits. Whether you’re a hardcore footie fan or just want to join in the world cup fun, grab yourself a Dexbot!


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