Beast & Butchers — Episode Two

John | Ultra Rare
3 min readAug 3, 2022


Hot on the heels of our wonderfully successful Ultra Comix burn event, Beasts and Butchers are back with a bloody vengeance!

The Uncommon Motion variant

Packs will be on sale on the 12th August, 6PM UTC here.

Beasts and Butchers make its long-awaited return with the second installment of the series, Village of the Damned. Once again illustrated by legendary comicbook artist, Kev Hopgood — creator of Marvel’s War Machine — the story continues Cleaver and her friends’ odyssey through a desolate beast-laden world.

Comic panels will be sold in packs of 20 and will cost $20 in WAX.

Our NFT comic series are a completely unique innovation that continues to connect the worlds of collectibles and comics in a bold and exciting way.

What’s more, this is the first series with a linked physicial redeemable. If you collect all three pieces of the comic cover, you’ll be eligible for a limited edition physical comic, signed by the legend himself, Kev Hopgood.

There are 48 panels to collect, in a range of rarities: Colour, Motion, Ink, Cosmic, Stormy Skies, Steel Mill, Blood, Black and White, the Ultra Rare Paperburn and 4 types of 1/1s.

Steel Mill variant
Stormy Skies variant
Cosmic variant

You’ll open packs as you would do normally, via your inventory. But here’s the really cool part. Once you have our comic panels in your wallet, you can login into our website at

Here you’ll not only be able to read the comic, but you’ll be able to switch out your panels, customising your comic, so the viewing experience is exactly to your taste.

Don’t forget — completing the entire comic in a variant unlocks the corresponding comic cover. For example, if you complete the Motion variant, you’ll get the Motion cover (pictured).

Let the hunt continue!

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