Beasts & Butchers: episode two — collecting and rewards

John | Ultra Rare
3 min readSep 7, 2022


We hope you’ve all been enjoying the second episode of our post-apocalyptic horror adventure, Beasts & Butchers, and the time for finishing up those sets is now!

Packs are still on sale here.

As with the previous edition, if you collect a full comic in any variant, you’ll get the corresponding front and back covers to complete the set nicely.

Motion cover

Rainbows will also once again be a thing. If you collect a panel, in every rarity, from Base to Ultra Rare, you will now get yourself the awesome Rainbow Rain variant.

Don’t forget, this is our first series with a linked physical redeemable.

If you collect all three pieces of the comic cover, you’ll be eligible for a limited edition physical comic, signed by the legend himself, Kev Hopgood.

You can blend all three cover pieces here.

We’ll once again be giving rewards to the top pack crackers.

The top 10 pack crackers will each get an incredible one-off signed gold cover, their mint number linked to their position on the leaderboard, which you can find here.

And anyone who manages to complete the entire comic will earn something incredibly cool — a highly limited alternative cover designed by Ultra Rare’s lead artist, Macauley Etherington.

The snapshot for all variants (Base through Ultra Rare) will be taken on 27.09.22 at 1pm UTC

Comic covers will be distributed on 28.09.22

The Rainbow Motion snapshot will be taken on 29.09.22 at 1 PM UTC

Panels will be distributed on 30.09.22

What are you waiting for? Get collecting!

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