Demon Pack rewards

We’ve sacrificed and now it’s time to reap the rewards!

1500 packs have been distributed to our collectors on 03.02.22.

Each pack will contain 6 cards, making even the base cards incredibly scarce. The overall numbers will look like this…

Base — 99 mints — 20.63% drop rate

Uncommon — 90 mints — 18.75% drop rate

Limited — 80 mints — 16.67% drop rate

Rare — 66 mints (obviously) — 13.75% drop rate

Scarce — 55 mints — 11.46% drop rate

Epic — 44 mints — 9.17% drop rate

Legendary — 25 mints — 5.21% drop rate

Ultra Rare — 13 mints — 2.71% drop rate

1/1s — 160 mints — 1.67% drop rate

With 160 1/1s up for grabs, that means we’ll see one popping from every ten packs opened! Kinda mind-blowing.

And don’t worry, if you complete your set, reward cards are up for grabs.

If you complete an A or B subset in any rarity, you’ll be rewarded with the final demon: Andras.

Rainbow glass also makes a welcome return for anyone with every variant of any of the new demons — base through to Ultra Rare.

And Mythic Rainbows will once again be available to anyone who has all 3 mythic variants of a character. For example…

With illustrations from The Horrors lead artist, Macauley Etherington and effects work from the inimitable Schwarzbacca, the all new Demon collection will slot perfectly in amongst all those other wonderful Horrors!

The snapshot for collectors will take place on 9th February 2022 at 11AM UTC.

Rewards will be distributed on 11th February 2022.

Good luck!

For more info join our telegram and discord.

Interested in working with us? We may have positions open on Jobs3



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