Dexbots: Free Mint details for Leatherfaces and 666 Card holders!

John | Ultra Rare
3 min readOct 19, 2022


As you’ll be aware, The Doc has done all the calculations, and the Dexbots minting date will be soon upon us!

We know there are questions, so we figured we lay them all out for you here. So…

The Mint date will be on the 26th October 2022.

The Whitelist mint will be 6 PM — 12 AM BST.

The Public mint time will be from 12 AM BST.

Whitelisted wallets can mint 2 Dexbots per wallet.

Public can mint 5 Dexbots per transaction.

Mint price will be 0.025 ETH

Total Supply — 4500

Total for sale — 3200

1200 mints will be available free to holders of our 666 pass as well as Leatherface PFPs — our official collaboration with Texas Chainsaw Massacre and first foray into Ethereum.

87 Dexbots will remain with the team for giveaways and marketing, along with any unclaimed mints from The 666 and Leatherface holders. The 87 team Dexbots will be minted before whitelist mint.

The 666 and Leatherface holders can claim their free mints during the Whitelist and Public sale, and will have 7 days after the sale to claim their free mints.

What happens to any unclaimed mints after 7 days? Well, the team will decide when we get there.

Once you have minted your Dexbot NFT you can connect it to Twitter via our website.

You will need to grant us permission to sign, but no more than other social platforms you link to. All we need is to change your profile picture — all your other information will be completely safe and inaccessible to us. Which is good. We REALLY do not want access to your personal info!

Dexbots will be an instant reveal, and we encourage everyone to test out this groundbreaking feature of turning your Twitter profile picture dynamic as soon as they can!

However, we do anticipate there maybe be some slight congestion at launch as we need to stress test the Twitter API, so there might be a queuing system early doors. Nevertheless, we can’t wait to see all these crazy Dexbots going nuts all over Twitter!

Opensea has also added a “Featured” option. Have you seen it? You can now select your favourite NFTs and have them on display at all times. This is great for Dexbots as you will see them change in real-time, and so will anyone who visits your profile!

You can read more about it here.

We are also planning on getting the community to vote for us to join the Inspect platform as soon as possible. Dexbots as a social dynamic PFP offer fantastic, innovative utility, and we think projects like Inspect will help amplify our project. Check out more here and make sure you vote for us post-mint!

At the time of launch, Dexbots Dynamic NFTs will change depending on the price of the token they’re paired with every 5 minutes. Just to note, we will monitor this and potentially change the refresh time in the future dependent on community feedback.

Finally, the smart contract is currently being audited by Asteria Labs as we want to guarantee minters the best and safest experience possible when minting.

And that about covers it. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to get using these crazy little bots as our profile pictures!

See you soon x