Guest Collection — Rewards & Leaderboards

John | Ultra Rare
4 min readApr 12, 2022


It’s well known how much we love to reward our collectors. This time we’ve outdone ourselves, even by our own high standards. But it’s not just completing sets will earn you rewards. Collecting low mints will now be a thing. Elite collecting deserves elite goodies!

You can find the pack cracking leaderboard here and the mint hunter leaderboard will be available soon.

But more on that later. Let’s start with the basics: collector’s rewards. For every 120 set complete, you will receive a staggering 38 new cards, almost a third of the set again.

There will be a reward card for every single mini set in the collection. If you collect the mini-set A side, you get the A card reward. If you collect the B side, you get the B card reward, and so on.

Additionally, if you collect a complete 120 card set in any rarity, you will get the Guest Lovecraft collection — a wonderful reimagining of those series 1 reward cards, for all you Horrors OGs.

Rainbow rewards will once again be a thing, but this time, they’re all foily and extra special! If you collect any character in every rarity — Base, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Ultra Rare, you’ll get that character’s Rainbow Foil. As there are only 13 Ultra Rares, there will only ever be 13 Rainbow Foils.

We’ll also be running some awesome mythic rewards. Now, every single 1/1 will open up rewards if collected correctly. Rewards will be given if you grab the same character in various 1/1s. Let me explain…

Mythic plus both 1/1 Gold Foils = Mythic Gold Foil

Mythic plus both 1/1 Dark Foils = Mythic Dark Foil

Mythic plus both 1/1 Classics = Mythic Classic

And if you hold the 1/1s of a certain character — Mythic, Gold Foil, Classic and Gold Foil — you’ll get the awesome Blood Foil!

The Alien Rebirth series will also get their own rewards. The brilliantly reimagined Star Wolf, once again illustrated by War Machine creator Kev Hopgood.

Collecting any Alien Rebirth character from base through Ultra Rare will also get you a Rainbow Foil.

And anyone who collects all three one of ones for any character will get a Mythic Foil!

And and and anyone who collects both Creepo A and B figures will get a lovely bonus!

And for anyone who completes a Master Set — that’s the entire series, base through Ultra Rare — we’ve got something very cool in store for you!

Finally, the leaderboards…

Top pack crackers will be awarded a Collectors Gold of their choice. The snapshot will be taken on the 13th April at 1PM UTC and we’ll be contacting top pack crackers for their choices after all the reward cards have dropped.

You can find the pack cracking leaderboard here.

Top mint collectors will be awarded a Collector Mythic of their choice.

You can find the pack cracking leaderboard here (TBC).


Base set — 25th April at 1PM UTC
Uncommon — 26th April at 1PM UTC
Rare — 27th April at 1PM UTC
Epic — 28th April at 1PM UTC
Legendary — 29th April at 1PM UTC
Ultra Rare — 30th April at 1PM UTC

Alien Rebirth Base — 2nd May at 1PM UTC
Alien Rebirth Rare— 2nd May at 1PM UTC
Alien Rebirth Epic— 3rd May at 1PM UTC
Alien Rebirth Legendary— 3rd May at 1PM UTC
Alien Rebirth Ultra Rare— 3rd May at 1PM UTC

Guest Collection Rainbow Foils—4th May at 1PM UTC
Alien Rebirth Rainbows and One of Ones— 5th May at 1PM UTC
Guest Collection One of Ones — 6th May at 1PM UTC

Phew. Glad we got through that. There’s a hell of a lot going on with this set!

Happy hunting!

If you want to know more or have any questions, you can find us on our website, on Twitter or in Telegram.

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