Introducing: Dynamic Dexbots

John | Ultra Rare
3 min readSep 1, 2022


Welcome, human, to the wonderful world of Dexbots!

*** Mint price, mint date and mint count to be announced. Keep an eye on our twitter account for updates.

So, what are Dexbots I hear you ask.

Well, they’re (as far we can see) the first ever dynamic Twitter PFP NFT that has ever been created.

They’re pretty freaking cool: Dynamic NFTs or dNFTs as we’re calling them, aren’t just static jpegs. They change and react, depending on some exterior variable.

In our case, Dexbots are dependent on the price of certain cryptocurrencies.

So, for example, you own a Dexbot connected to Eth, when Eth is up, your Dexbot’s in the green and loving their life…

But when Eth is down, your poor Dexbot’s in the red, ready to blow their circuit boards out.

As mentioned, if you connect your Dexbot through our site: to your Twitter account, your Dexbot PFP will update live.

We believe this to be revolutionary tech and something that will inevitably be adopted by the masses.

It’s taken Ultra Rare a while to bring another project to Ethereum. Trying to keep pace with the ever changing meta has been exhausting and uninspiring and while we’ve developed multiple projects over the last several months, we haven’t released anything. For one reason or another, it hasn’t felt right.

But in that time we’ve built our team of devs out, assembling a super talented and super creative squad who just want to innovate.

And with art from the super talented Fran Coles — an artist who has been a friend of the team for some time, based in the North of England — we have the perfect person to breathe life into our Dexbots, with a clean, bold, simple and iconic style, packed with character and irreverence.

Basically, we’ve returned to our roots, doing our own thing, taking risks, and innovating. We’re very proud of what we’ve built here and the contribution it will make to pushing NFT tech — something we’re deeply passionate about — forwards.

And this is where mad scientist, Doctor Dexter Bottington and his crazy army of Dexbots come in!

If you know us, you know we care about our collectors, so everyone who got involved in our Leatherfaces sale in November last year, you’ll be guaranteed a Dexbot completely free. We’ll reveal more details about that as we go on, but essentially every 666 pass and Leatherface will equal one Dexbot.

In terms of a roadmap, we have lots of awesome ideas around unique utility for our Dexbots, but we want to keep this super simple: your Dexbot has awesome utility out the gate — it’s all in the NFT — so we don’t need to promise any weak af perks.

Rest assured there’s lots of fun on the horizon for Dexbot collectors. In the words of another mad scientist, “where we’re going, we don’t need roads!”

Join our community on Twitter for the latest updates and visit for more details.

PS. Interested in working with us? We may have positions open on the web3 jobs board, Jobs3