Introducing: Meta Battler

John | Ultra Rare
4 min readMay 15, 2024


This has been a long time cooking away in the Ultra Rare Lab, but we are delighted to announce our first blockchain game, Meta Battler is finally on its way!

And we’re about to revolutionise blockchain gaming.

How are we going to do that?

Simple. Every single NFT ever created on WAX will be usable in our game*.

Let me repeat: Every. Single. NFT. Ever.

We never sold our collectibles as anything other than what they were — fun collectibles that would earn collectors a load of rewards. No dreams, no ROI promises. But we always wanted to give as much value to our collectors as possible.

You will now be able to use all of your Ultra Horrors, Ultra Comix and Ultra Rare cards in our brand new card battling game.

What is Meta Battler?

Meta Battler is a deck-building rogue-like game that bridges the worlds of collectibles and gaming in a bold and exciting way. What makes Meta Battler truly game changing is its unique ability to use any NFT ever created on WAX in-game.

Stat points are assigned to each NFT template ID randomly, so no one knows how powerful an NFT will be in-game until they upload it. The perfect reason to blow that digital dust off some of those collectibles hidden deep within your wallet!

What’s even more mind-blowing is that every NFT created from this point on will be assigned attributes automatically. This means that not only every Funko card can be used game, but every NFT you create can be used in Meta Battler also.

Wanna fight with a deck you created yourself, just for you? Go for it. Wanna create your own collections which you distribute to your community? Absolutely. Wanna make a deck comprised of nothing but images of feet and troll the crap out of your opponents. Do it! Please. Please do that. We love feet. Especially Richie.

What about Play to Earn?

Meta Battler is a game for collectors, gamers, creators and NFT lovers — which we know there are, because we’re those things ourselves. Our focus is genuine players and collectors, the people who’ll help us build an appealing healthy space. Meta Battler will have an in-game token which you’ll be able use to upgrade your NFTs and many more things besides, but for now that will be the only form of token you can earn. This means we don’t have to worry about token prices and we can concentrate on what’s important: building a really cool and fun game.

A game that encourages creativity. Encourages community.

Because these are the things that will see blockchain gaming rise out of the shadows and into the mainstream.

Why would we build a game that’s open to all?

Well, in the first instance, we are and always have been a community minded project. We have as many dead NFTs in our wallets as anyone — projects that have rugged, folded or walked away. We want to give the people still holding these NFTs some utility and enjoyment.

We feel there will be a lot of excitement and engagement generated for the community as they search the depraved depths of every WAX collection to find their most powerful cards. And every time a new collection is released, new cards are added to the pool, meaning there’s a constant source of new content for our game without us having to make a thing. Think about it, when Funko do a new drop, how excited will collectors be to see how cards do in Meta Battler?!

A Funko collectible uploaded and ready for battle

Of course Ultra Rare collectors will benefit more than any other — we’ve built this platform with them firmly in mind — but we will offer multipliers and boosts and other things to valued collaborator collections, streamers and content creators, which you can apply for here.

We’ll happily tell anyone who’ll listen how that NFTs will revolutionise the world, not just gaming. We talk about future utility for all those shiny JPEGs in our wallets, the likes of which we cant even imagine. We decided not to wait for others to build that utility for us, and build it ourselves, pushing this amazing new technology forwards.

We’re the first of what I imagine will be a new wave of games — games that allow you to utilise any NFT you own within them. THIS is the kind of utility we couldn’t imagine possible.

We believe that giving — rather than withholding — a platform and tools for creators — we will push this space forwards. No longer can they say your art collection has no utility. Because now it does.

Our formula is simple. Community + creativity = fun.

Fun. It’s a simple concept often overlooked in the crypto space. But not by us. We want people to create and enjoy themselves, play and have fun.

We can’t wait to let you in!

Want to join us as a collaborator? Apply here.

Join the Meta Battler movement on X, Twitch and in Telegram.

*We may need to exclude some blacklisted collections. Currently only supports WAX Atomic Assets.