Meta Battler: Series 1

John | Ultra Rare
3 min readJun 5, 2024


Meta Battler: Series 1 is a brand new kick-ass collectible set bound for the WAX blockchain and it’s Ultra Rare’s first foray into the world of super heroes. We plan to do for super heroes what we did for horror on WAX, with our original collection, The Horrors. Each character combines fresh af art and animation, a rich and detailed lore, and special powers. Collectors will fall in love with certain characters. I know I have several favourites already!

Gamble, in WAX Avatar form

Keep your eyes peeled as the collection will be dropping July 2024!

But this isn’t just another collectible set. These gaming collectibles will be packed with utility. As well as the unparalleled collecting experience we’re synonymous with, you’ll be able to use your Meta Battler cards in our game, Meta Battler. As our flagship collection for the new game, they’ve been built with Meta Battler in mind and as such, they will represent the best way to play the game. They’ll have better stats out the gate, as well as better Meta Battler Point earning rates — our in game token — which allows you to import and upgrade your NFTs.

Meta Battler: Series 1 will come in several flavours. Here are but a few…

Alien Tech variant
Creation variant

There will be a few surprises in the mix too, don’t worry!

What’s really cool though are Avatars. These will come in separate packs contained within Meta Battler packs. I’m sorry, packs in packs never gets old! Avatars are animated, looking awesome in their raw form. A gem for collectors. What makes them even greater is the fact you’ll be able to use them as a playable avatar in the Meta Battler game.

There will be many Avatar 1/1s. Over 300 in fact. Lots of fun to be had for our collectors.

I’m a huge comic book geek — especially nineties era Marvel. Which is why I’m delighted to announce long-time collaborator, Kev Hopgood, legendary creator of Marvel’s War Machine, will once again be contributing characters and art to Meta Heroes, along with in-house artists, including JP Vilchis (FutureQuake, Dynamite Entertainment) and Mark Dinsdale (Rick and Morty).

Comic covers illustrated by the legendary, Kev Hopgood

Highly inspired by nineties comics, we wanted to create our own iconic superheroes. Nothing to do with crypto or blockchain. Instead superheroes accessible to everyone that would stand — or fly — on their own two feet, whether in this world or the world beyond.

Want to join us as a collaborator? Apply here.

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