The Horrors — Guest Collection

John | Ultra Rare
4 min readFeb 23, 2022


We’re delighted to announce our next long-awaited collectible set will be releasing on WAX on the 20th March 2022 at 6PM UTC.

We’ve been cooking up something pretty incredible in the Ultra Rare lab.

While some might say wax is all about play 2 earn, we know there are lots of awesome collectors out there — we are those collectors — and we want to give you guys (and ourselves) something special.

The Guest Collection is the largest set we’ve ever created — and that’s saying something. At over 1200 unique cards, the series has a depth and variety unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The Guest Collection features 10 mini-sets — all of them renditions of our series 1 Horror characters, illustrated by 10 of our favourite artists, from both inside and outside of the NFT space. We’ve delved into the darkness, and now we want to embrace the light, which is why this is some of the most vibrant and eye-catching art you’ll ever see.

Artists include our very own JP Vilchis, creator of all of our Horrors Guest sets, Marvel artist, Kev Hopgood, Dirty Flapjack, Monster Cadet, Dusty Pixels, Chain Creatures, RAWR and many more.

There really is something for everyone here — from GPK fans to collectors of the more sexier stuff, to anime and graffiti heads alike!

The Guest Collection really does bring the ultra rare back to Ultra Rare. The set will be limited to a ridiculously low 60k cards, which means even on the base, the mints will be limited. This will be series 1 style collecting for the UR OGs among us. Arguably the most fun collecting experience that’s ever been had on the blockchain to date.

The Collection features 120 base cards (60 A and 60 B), comprised of 9 mini-sets, each with 6 variants. It’s a mammoth collection, which is why collectors will be rewarded unlike ever before. There’ll be bonus cards for every mini-set you complete, as well as a brand new and incredible subset for anyone who completes an entire rarity. That’s an incredible 38 bonus cards for anyone who completes a full 120 card set.

And these rarities are absolute beauties. Of course you have your base. In addition, there will be new variants, such as the rare Cosmic…

And the epic Immolation…

And there will be surprises. Many, many surprises…

So, down to the nitty gritty.

Packs will come in 2 sizes. Fright Packs will contain 10 cards and cost $15 (in wax). Terror Packs will contain 25 cards and cost $37.50 (in wax).

There will be an initial whitelist sale for our supporters. The only way to get whitelisted for this incredibly scarce collection is by holding a 666 card.

You can claim your wax 666 card if you own an Eth 666 card HERE by connecting your metmask and WAX wallets!

Of course there’ll be packs in packs. We love cramming packs with value, so every other Terror pack will have a 50% chance at a 6 card Alien Horrors Rebirth pack.

We firmly believe this will be one of the best collecting experiences you’ll ever have, with some of the freshest and most exciting art you’ve ever seen on the blockchain. Do not miss out!

If you have any questions, you can find us on Telegram, Discord and Twitter.

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