Ultra Comix burn — some stats

As another successful Ultra Rare burn event draws to a close, we wanted to thank everyone who took part. You guys are truly the best!

We also wanted to share some statistics with you, for those that like spreadsheets and numbers (Richie, I’m looking at you, you big nerd).

  • 4264 packs of The Grey were created.
  • 35% of Beasts & Butchers panels were burnt.
  • 38% of El Cuco panels were burnt.
  • Over 50,000 panels were burnt overall (not including promos).
  • 68 Ultra Rare panels burnt — you crazy bastards!

Check out these awesome cracking stats of our first two releases…

  • 93% El Cuco packs opened.

The Grey will be our most scarce comic yet at 22000 panels and 4400 packs.

Thanks again to everyone who joined us in this great sacrifice.

You can open your packs HERE.

And you can view and customise your comic HERE.

Remember, completed comics in any variant will earn you the matching comic cover.


Also, keep your eyes peeled for Beasts & Butchers 2, once again illustrated by legendary Marvel artist and War Machine creator, Kev Hopgood.

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